Sláinte (pronounced SLON-sha) is a Gaelic word literally translating as “health” and is commonly used as a celebratory toast in Ireland (thanks, Wikipedia!).

Why do you need to know how to say sláinte, you might ask?  Well, from June 15, 2014, to October 5, 2014, WestJet begins non-stop flights to Dublin* from St. John’s, Newfoundland, direct (same-aircraft) flights from Toronto and connections from across WestJet’s network. Yes, you did read that correctly.  We are heading across the pond.

Highlights of our new Dublin service include:

  • New daily non-stop flights between St. John’s and Dublin
  • New daily direct (same-aircraft) flights between Toronto and Dublin
  • New daily non-stop flights between Ottawa and St. John’s connecting to Dublin
  • Daily connections between Dublin and Halifax, Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Winnipeg and other cities across WestJet’s network
  • All flights will be operated by one of our snazzy Boeing Next-Generation 737-700 series aircraft.

Now that you’ve had the chance to pick yourself up off the floor, you may begin to wonder; why Ireland? Trust the network denizens at WestJet to do their homework.  First and foremost, WestJet’s first transatlantic route will cut the current travel time from St. John’s to Dublin by nearly half.

This is good news to the 160,000 people that are expected to travel between Ireland and Canada this summer.  Visitors on both sides then have access to hundreds of destinations via their favourite local low-cost carriers, taking them on affordable adventures across WestJet’s extensive network and to more than 100 non-stop European destinations.

Some will cross the deep blue sea in pursuit of opportunity. Currently there are more than 100 Canadian-owned companies operating in Ireland and more than 50 Irish companies operating here, and it is anticipated that more than 10,000 Canadian work visas will be issued to Irish citizens in 2014.  Others are visiting friends and family or meeting the far-flung branches on the family tree: more than 20 per cent of residents in Atlantic Canada have some degree of Irish ancestry.

Another common question that may come up today is “Does this mark the beginning of WestJet’s expansion into Europe?” We’re committed to connecting more Canadians to the destinations to which they want to travel. Today is about new service to Ireland, and we don’t have any further plans just now.

Whether your motivation is the traditions, the history, the chance to kiss the Blarney stone or the chance to be inspired by walking the same streets as Joyce, Beckett and Wilde, all of Airlann’s adventurous wiles conspire to draw us soon across to the Emerald Isle.

Details of our new Dublin service can be found on We look forward to welcoming you on board!

Slán go foil!


What’s your favourite part of Ireland? What would you like to see? Comment below and help all of us plan a memorable trip!


*Subject to government approval.

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  • Laurel Hounslow

    So excited! The Ring of Kerry, Connemara, Dublin, Cork, Kinsale (should have bought that cloak 40 years ago!), Cashel, the Dingle Peninsula, anywhere there is a rainbow or a leprechaun or an O’Reilly. More favourites to come now that you are flying to Dublin! Abbey Theatre anyone?

  • Magrat22

    OMG, this is the best Christmas present ever! Can’t wait to go home via my favourite airline.

  • Cheryl Jenkins

    I plan to go back to Ireland next fall, omg , I can’t wait ! I hope the prices will be reasonable ! Can you give me an idea what the cost might be from Halifax to Dublin, I am so excited !!!!

  • Greg Hounslow

    Hi Cheryl, our introductory fares sold out pretty fast, but you can find the total round-trip flight cost by searching on our website ( The fares will depend on how many seats we’ve sold on any given flight, so there will be a variety of prices, depending on what dates you search. Hope to see you on board next summer!

  • Nicholas Goodine

    Any word on when government approval will be obtained?

  • floridairish

    cant find any reasonable fares………as i have to conect from florida

  • Greg Hounslow

    We saw incredible demand for our new flights and all the introductory fares sold out within 24hrs. We’ve also sold out of Econo fares on most of our summertime flights, which will push our available fares higher. Hope you’re able to find something that works for you!

  • Oisín Clancy

    I flew home to my native Ireland with Air Transat from Montreal this summer for my first time ever with this airline, & it was super…a great crew, great hospitality, & lovely Canadian food.I plan another trip home next year! I will see!

  • Mari Towill

    WestJet is a wonderful airline to fly with! Have always had good ones!
    Am also ex flight attendant! with Aer Lingus and Canadian Air

  • Gerard Byrne

    when do you expect the government approval to be granted

  • Galwaysguide

    This is Great News for Ireland and Canada alike. ” Cead mile Failte” to Galway, on the West Coast of Ireland,

  • Michael Trottar

    That is really a wonderful and a fair deal…

  • Claudine

    “This is good news to the 160,000 people that are expected to travel between Ireland and Canada this summer”. Any idea where this prediction come from or how it has been forecasted?