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  • Susan Paton

    Amazing concert! Way to go Alberta! So glad to be a part of this amazing event!

  • Kari Carich

    What an incredible show!! We love Alberta

  • Rick Nolan

    im headin back to alberta soooon

  • Lorinda McNeil

    That was something special form a good company. You don’t find to many surprises like that! The best way to fly is Westjet. Great job by all.

  • Linda Perron

    Only WestJet!!!!!!!

  • Rayne Rawling

    Very heart warming, said with a tear and a smile.

  • Michele Jeffers

    WestJet you are truly the best! Merry Christmas!

  • meghannb

    wonderful ad made me cry:)

  • @AlannaMortgage

    Great holiday spirit!

  • Sue Balaz

    Wow…what a great Christmas surprise for all those passengers. Our son flies home WestJet at Christmas and in the summer when he comes home from Vancouver. Can’t wait to see him next week and thanks for always bringing him home safely!!

  • Teresa Ogilvie

    wow!!!would love to surprise my daughter for christmas!!!!!

  • Christine Campbell

    That is so unbelievably awesome!!!

  • Tahnee Stoodley


  • Elaine Strople

    This is so beautiful…good things can happen in this jaded world of ours…big tears are rolling down my cheeks as I type this…

  • lank

    Amazing :)

  • Samantha Ruby D. Muir-Vargo

    Ack, the tears! Makes me love WestJet even more. I would have wished to get home for xmas too, it’s been 9 years since I’ve been home for Christmas

  • Bev Morgan

    Truly amazing! Another reason I only ever fly WestJet! You guys are the best!

  • Mary McIntyre

    I thought it was super cool just to have a live Santa who interacted so
    well with the West Jet adults and children. Loved
    seeing the kids reaction when Santa knew their names. I was blown away when as I
    watched the rest of the story. What a great feel-good video and a fantastic idea!! Well done West Jet!

  • @Kim LaFantaisie

    Totally awesome WestJet!!

  • LoriCanada16

    Awesome. I would ask for a winter getaway for my grandkids. They lost their mom in a head on colision and it’s been a hard time for them.

  • Patrick

    Top Notch!

  • Joan Scofield

    I always fly WestJet when I get a chance to fly. This is soooo amazing what WestJet did for all these people… it brought me tears of joy so bad I was bawling like a baby!! KUDOS WESTJET!!

  • Nancy Poisson

    I Love WestJet!
    But they don’t fly into Windsor during the winter months -I miss that at Christmastime :(

  • Diana Wikaruk

    Way to go WestJet….it’s nice to know that miracles still happen.

  • Nazmira Uzuni

    sooo thoughtful ))

  • Pamela Fox

    WestJet does it again

  • Maria Rivellino


  • Frank Hanta

    Truly a fantastic idea!!! Way to go WestJet…you’re the best!!! This is the reason I try to fly only WestJet…the great people that make this airline what it is!!!

  • Lisa Woodward

    Watch this video. WestJet really shines.

  • Tasha Morrissette

    This is above and beyond amazing what West jet has done for these families.

  • chris tang

    Simply Amazing!! Merry Christmas!

  • Nancy Mcdonald-cleary

    This was truley amazing!

  • Millenniumchef

    Giving from the heart, the reason for giving. It’s nice to see a company not completely focused on a P&L.

  • Debbie Tarko

    Loved the video we always fly West Jet best Canadian Airlines !!!!

  • Lucy Ann Trudeau

    WestJet is awesome.. too bad they don’t service the cities close to here

  • Phyllis Jackson

    Amazing thing to do!

  • Tracey Watson

    Real heart Westjet & a tremendous gesture of giving in true Christmas Spirit, well done!!

  • Jean Desmarais

    On ne sait jamais……….!!!!!!!

  • Jean Desmarais

    On ne sait jamais….!!!!!

  • Alexandra Fajfer

    You make me cry – I think it was the most touching gesture, event, surprise I have ever seen done by any company – Congratulation WestJet – you had proved miracle happen! Marry Christmas to all WestJet people!

  • Rebecca Brewer

    I had never even heard of WestJet, much less had the opportunity to fly with them, until I saw this posted on the Good News Network! I may have a new favorite airline!

  • Gwendolyn

    I heard about the video on my favorite radio station this morning, “Jack FM”.. Then I came to school and shared and showed it to everyone I spoke with, now I’m downloading it to play it during our Staff Christmas Party. The video just filled me with JOY! JOY! JOY Thank-you West Jet – Much ADORATION..

  • MJ Veith

    So sad we don’t have WestJet in Pittsburgh PA

  • Cindy Lieberman


  • Roja

    Now I know which airline i’m taking next!

  • Roja

    Now I know which airline i’m taking next! #WestJet

  • Beverly Frank

    WestJet you are truly special!

  • Nishy

    WOW!!!!!!! This is truly AWESOME!!!!!! It actually brought tears to my eyes…Wow…I am speechless… WAY TO GO WEST JET! It is indeed a GREAT feel-good video as Mary McIntyre said…WOW!

  • Sue Austin

    Love this. I use WestJet whenever I can.

  • TinaBowering

    Wow, just wow. Way to go, West Jet!!

  • Toni McCullough

    Best… Airline………….EVER!!!!!!

  • C. Lightwalker

    Awesome promotion. Perfectly Captures the essence of the celebrations Thank you for the ride. Cheers! to Cruising at 49000 feet high in clear blue sky. I always book WestJet when I fly.

  • Cathy Jarel Girgis

    This totally made me cry! What a wonderful magical gift for others! The true meaning of giving and the Christmas spirit! Awesomely done WEST JET!!!

  • Darlene Holmberg

    What a sweet surprise! So good to see people (and companies!) still do good things just because!

  • Debbie Kruse

    What an amazing display of teamwork!!! Way to go WestJet

  • Edward Sands

    Best idea ever, from an amazing airline! Well done!

  • Captain_Hunch

    Nicely done Westjet. Merry Christmas

  • Villanueva Joel C

    #WestJetChristmas… Perfect Christmas Surprised Indeed…

  • Yvonne Goh

    Its really cool !! The reaction of the passengers was priceless!

  • Aubrey Flock

    Very nice.

  • DeanandShiloh Alling

    Great Job. Brilliant. Showed the heart of your company and what you place as important while allowing your people to catch the vision as well.

  • Sarah Barreto Paintner

    That was amazing. It is more than just giving people what they ask for, it is what the Christmas spirit really is about.

  • K Mack

    What fun!

  • Jim Allen

    Great story! Nice to see positive stories, all those involved are to be commended!

  • Martha

    This brings tears to know there are still people who believe in the magic of Christmas

  • Tara Wyght

    Well done West Jet! This is what puts you higher than any other airline!

  • Bruce Webster

    You have to give WestJet a real big hand!! Now this is the best thinking outside the box I’ve seen in a long time! Way to Go WESTJET!!

  • Amber

    West Jet is the only Airline I fly with, and no surprise they pulled this off. West Jet you are the true meaning of Christmas. Thank you for what you did!

  • Jennifer Snow

    So good, too bad I don’t live in Canada. It is great to see a company that knows how to market and make people happy at the same time.

  • Lee Kinney

    The wife and I have never flown on a jet, so some fear but hope to some day and if West Jet is available you will be my choice, made me cry great job!

  • Hans Woehleke

    In one word, “WestJet … fantastic!”

  • Hans Woehleke

    I guess that’s two words and a bunch of periods … oh well …

  • Dragica Adamovic Ostojic

    divno hvala za radost

  • Andrea Doyle Graham

    Talk about the magic of Christmas. Amazing!

  • they call me dawny

    LOVE the spirit of Christmas and WestJet!!!

  • candetrav

    What a great public relations move. Way to go Westjet! Yes Virginia, there is a Santa.


    Loved you when you started up – love you still! Merry Christmas to you too Westjet!

  • Deborah

    There’s a little kid in all of us. West jet has done amazing kindness for this season. I cried cause it’s not always easy during Christmas time. Most of us travel to see loved ones for Christmas, and that’s are surprise to our families. Thank you west jet for giving back .

  • Nina Spitzer

    WestJet,You Rock! Merry Christmas!

  • Drew Allan

    Quite amazing, the ultimate in customer service!!

  • Donna

    Brilliant! WestJet has been my airline of choice for a few years – for good reason!

  • Maura Pena-Vargas

    This touched my heart.

  • Jonatan

    I seriously think that you did a wonderful job at your video. Rock on and Merry Christmas!

  • Bill Kenyon Jr

    Great company promotion … check it out. Nice job by WESTJET!

  • Steve M. Savanyu

    Wonderful video and a cool thing to do. I have never heard of WestJet until now,but if I need to travel to Canada you will be top choice. It shows that WestJet folks are like family and have fun while working. Great job. I have shared this with many folks and watching it again makes me smile.

  • Mary Givetsi

    Best promo ever! I would fly always with WestJet if only I were living in Canada.

  • Cheryl

    What an awesome thing to do. Now THIS is what will get me in the holiday spirit!

  • Douglas Pike

    West Jet you are amazing

  • Pamela Carlson

    Simply amazing to see folks making such a difference. I can’t wait to fly WestJet when I get the chance. You have earned my business in the future.

  • truckinanaimo

    Merry Christmas to everyone at WestJet, and thank you for coming to YCD!

  • Linda

    Merry Christmas to all WestJet employees You are the best

  • Anna Maria Anušić

    So Amazing! I ve never heard about your company before. I’ve seen your christmas miracle this morning on TV in France and I was really moved….This is really great what you have done. Congratulations

  • Sandra Beach

    Absolutely amazing thing to do! Good for you WestJet!! Merry Christmas!

  • Jan Davenport

    What an amazing and thoughtful thing to do, this renews my faith in the human race and their ability to share the love and Christmas spirit!

  • Pauline Schmidt

    This brought tears to my eyes. I am happy for all the passengers that had a Christmas surprise. West Jet rocks!

  • Yulia

    NO WAY! ) It’s only possible in Canada, miracles do happen there)

  • aecmama

    Wow, in an increasingly cynical world, what a nice upbeat story!

  • Marylyn

    WestJet is the only way to fly. I wouldn’t fly any other

  • cjdroz

    Wow, this was so cool!

  • Jack Smith

    What an amazing and uplifting story. With all of the discontent with big companies here in the U.S., it’s nice to see a company that not only cares about their customers, but went above an beyond to share a truly amazing experience!

  • cindy skrypec

    Loved this…so cool!

  • Vanessa Theoret

    I’m so excited to get back on a Montréal-Vancouver flight with you guys !!! :)

  • Danny

    My father passed away last night at 8 pm and I would like to know if there is a way West Jet can get me to Moncton New Brunswick for tomorrow for his viewing or at the latest Thursday for his funeral. I would be leaving the Edmonton International Airport. Would love a reply from West Jet

  • Jim

    A crew change 5 minutes before the flight is scheduled and the new captain they called they had to wake up from his sleep at the holiday inn? Flight 578 to Montreal. Oh well another flight delayed. Timing will be perfect. I suspect by the time the new Captain appears the freezing rain will hit and we will be delayed further.

  • MyHotelgenie

    Great Airline -Excellent Staff… They put the “Action” in Customer SatisfACTION