Thank you to our Twitter followers and Facebook fans for letting us know that a phone scam is, once again, targeting WestJet.

If you receive a call indicating that you’ve won “WestJet points/miles” or are a “preferred customer” please hang up. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests’ personal information.

Visit for more info on this and other types of scams.

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  • JJRothery

    In case anyone is interested, my phone system creates a history log and I just received one of these calls; it recorded the number in my calling history. When calling it back, it goes to a fax machine connection. Is there anyone at WestJet who would like the number?

  • Greg Hounslow

    Recording (or reporting) the number that shows up on your call display isn’t necessary as the scammers use number-cloaking technology to make it look like they’re calling from a Canadian phone number. From our investigation, we’ve discovered that they are located outside Canada, and they use an auto-dialer to dial thousands of numbers at the same time. Anyone who actually presses “1″ is connected to a real person, who attempts to steal personal info and/or credit card numbers. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much help from the authorities in the country where they are located, so it’s not likely the scam will stop anytime soon.

  • Travis

    I’ve been getting these calls everyday for 2 weeks now. the call says “im a loyal customer who’s getting a deal”. I havent flown with WestJet in over 5 years….

  • Michael Kinghorn

    The number that called me was: 011 61 3 2295 869

  • Mathew

    Thanks for posting this. I just had a phone call from a local number, with the “preferred customer” bit, and to press 1. I did, knowing it was some sort of scam probably, and they put me through to people trying to get me to give credit card info over the phone right away, to buy a deeply discounted all-inclusive vacation package. They claimed to be on behalf of Sirenis resorts in Mexico. Googling quickly gave me your blog post and then I just hung up the phone. Thanks.

  • Deborah Harford

    Just hung up on these guys. Lame asses!

    Thanks for the blog post – it was helpful to see this when I checked online as they sounded suspicious.

  • Kate P

    I received a call today saying I had been selected from one of my recent flights to receive 999$ from westjet towards a package or future airfare. I’ve had about 3 calls like this in the past few months. Just an FYI they seem to be back…

  • T A

    they just used my number for their scam.. i wouldnt have known if someone didnt call and ask what i wanted.. i called my provider and there is nothing they can do about it (??) weird

  • Monsterous

    they call our office constantly during work hours and actually hit employee extensions. PITA. Obviously we all hang up. this has happened constantly for over a year