Thank you to our Twitter followers and Facebook fans for letting us know that a phone scam is, once again, targeting WestJet.

If you receive a call indicating that you’ve won “WestJet points/miles” or are a “preferred customer” please hang up. WestJet does not use telemarketers or share guests’ personal information.

Visit for more info on this and other types of scams.

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  • JJRothery

    In case anyone is interested, my phone system creates a history log and I just received one of these calls; it recorded the number in my calling history. When calling it back, it goes to a fax machine connection. Is there anyone at WestJet who would like the number?

  • Greg Hounslow

    Recording (or reporting) the number that shows up on your call display isn’t necessary as the scammers use number-cloaking technology to make it look like they’re calling from a Canadian phone number. From our investigation, we’ve discovered that they are located outside Canada, and they use an auto-dialer to dial thousands of numbers at the same time. Anyone who actually presses “1″ is connected to a real person, who attempts to steal personal info and/or credit card numbers. Unfortunately, we haven’t had much help from the authorities in the country where they are located, so it’s not likely the scam will stop anytime soon.

  • Travis

    I’ve been getting these calls everyday for 2 weeks now. the call says “im a loyal customer who’s getting a deal”. I havent flown with WestJet in over 5 years….

  • Michael Kinghorn

    The number that called me was: 011 61 3 2295 869

  • Mathew

    Thanks for posting this. I just had a phone call from a local number, with the “preferred customer” bit, and to press 1. I did, knowing it was some sort of scam probably, and they put me through to people trying to get me to give credit card info over the phone right away, to buy a deeply discounted all-inclusive vacation package. They claimed to be on behalf of Sirenis resorts in Mexico. Googling quickly gave me your blog post and then I just hung up the phone. Thanks.

  • Deborah Harford

    Just hung up on these guys. Lame asses!

    Thanks for the blog post – it was helpful to see this when I checked online as they sounded suspicious.

  • Kate P

    I received a call today saying I had been selected from one of my recent flights to receive 999$ from westjet towards a package or future airfare. I’ve had about 3 calls like this in the past few months. Just an FYI they seem to be back…

  • T A

    they just used my number for their scam.. i wouldnt have known if someone didnt call and ask what i wanted.. i called my provider and there is nothing they can do about it (??) weird

  • Monsterous

    they call our office constantly during work hours and actually hit employee extensions. PITA. Obviously we all hang up. this has happened constantly for over a year

  • Jim Canuck

    I got one of those calls this week – one week after flying Westjet to Vegas – but I’m wondering how they know that I had just travelled on Westjet?

  • janiepoo

    I just travelled too… but it’s pure dumb luck on the part of the scammers. If you use a dialer to call all possible numerical combinations they are bound to end up calling the thousands of people who have flown westjet recently!

  • Haseeb

    Isn’t it Westjet’s responsibility to keep their customer’s information secure? How do these scammers have access to our telephone numbers? If they are hacking into westjet’s database than our credit card information are not secure at all.

  • Stephen Brown

    Press 1 & waste as much of their time as possible (if you’ve got time to waste). If thousands of people do this, it will make this tactic unprofitable. Give them fake info, stall for time, lead them on like you’re interested, blow an airhorn into the phone. You can have some fun with it.

  • Elena Spencer

    I just received a call from a 519-810-1970 and told me I had 999.00 towards a flight or package. I hung up and didn’t listen any further. Just for your FYI

  • tech

    March 2014. I keep getting this kind of call every week. “thank you for calling westJet. Press 1..” They use some kind of computer creat fake call number. When I called back. They never made the call.

  • Narissis

    I get these scam calls and I have never used Westjet in my life. They are blanket-dialing knowing that /some/ of the people who receive the calls will have been recent Westjet customers and might therefore be fooled. I can’t speculate as to how they’re getting their hands on our numbers, but it’s not from Westjet.

  • Ha Se Eb

    Are you using the same phone number since forever? If not than maybe previous owner of this number might used Westjet. What happens to your previous phone number when you switch to some other phone number? I never got any call from these scammers until after March 2014 (my first westjet flight)

  • C. Martin

    I just got a phone call saying that a recent flight was chosen from thousands to receive a $999 credit, so they are at it again. May 19, 2014.

  • RT

    Today May 19, 2014 I received a call, saying I was selected from my last West Jet flight, offering $999 off my next West Jet flight. As I have never flown West Jet I thought this was a scam and hung up, then checked and found your site.

    The person who called was a woman’s voice, the phone was in my area code so very sophisticated. The number was a local number and when I phoned back I got an innocent sounding female recording. I called my phone provider and I was told that they are getting a lot of these recently.

    The calls are originating by scammers in other countries using a computer to generate phone numbers like mine to call, and also generating the numbers randomly of an unsuspecting person’s phone number as the caller ID.

    The phone company cannot do anything about it as it is from overseas. Apparently, these groups are making millions from unsuspecting people.

  • Ken Gray

    Just received a phone call at my work number: ‘blah blah blah… thank you for using Westjet on your recent flight’ (I had, 2 days ago). ‘… as a reward we wish to give you $999 credit towards your next flight. To accept this offer please press 1′. I hung up. My wife had made the travel arrangements, and her last name is different than mine. It is creepy that somehow they have made a connection between my name, my work telephone number and my recent Westjet flight? Does Westjet somehow leak this information out? Or is it coincidence?
    Is there really no way for telecom companies to block these people?

  • Sandy

    I also received a call today saying I had been selected from one of my recent flights to receive 999$ from westjet towards a package or future airfare. MY TELEPHONE NUMBER IS UNLISTED.

  • Katherine G

    They’re still at it. Got a call today, May 26, 2014.

  • Andrew

    The calls are made using an auto-dialer. They don’t know your number, they’re just dialing 613-555-0001 then 002, then 003 etc

  • Andrew

    The calls are made using an auto-dialer. They don’t know your number, they’re just dialing 613-555-0001 then 002, then 003 etc. As for the call display, they ‘spoof’ the number to make it appear local.

  • Andrea

    Just got the same call today in North Vancouver, BC. Googled it and found your post. Thanks.

  • tomandersen

    All the more reason to just DUMP phone #s altoether, and only skype out to make calls, and skype/facetime everyone you care about.

  • test

    Ok i actually called westjet ,kinda figured they would not be responsible because this is driving me nuts. I plan to do this, Im making a whole profile with credit card info in preparation for their next call. I hope to waste 20mins of their time , thats my goal to start ) B#@$%@#% ‘s

  • De Toxik

    Admittedly, I have lots to learn on Marketing Strategies, since it’s
    only been recent months that I finally looked into, & saw & heard the awesome possibilities provided, that my eyes & ears previously overlooked & under heard. (duh)
    When I
    received a Long Distance Ring yesterday, w/a Local Number Showing, I questioned
    myself on the possibility, if it might have been the real deal from WestJet.
    pounding 1) An Eastern accent asked for my CC#… (I decided to look it
    up) The same acting agent (or agency) calls quite regularly. (W/o
    prejudice) I was leery, since not so long ago, I had a similar sounding
    call about my Win-OS Security, to help w/Assistance Needing Remote
    Access… I was using Linux… The bits I knew, (besides not using any Win device, maybe) gave me some hint it was a scam…So I talked w/a panic voice & toyed w/the
    guy for about 20mins… Really ticked him off. I might have experienced
    some issues after that,

  • Stephen Brown


  • Test2

    Lol 613-322-4117 call from scammers again today so I pressed 1, got asked if I was over 30(?) then was forwarded to an agent who asked my name. Gave a fake name of course at which point he promptly hung up. Guess it was lunchtime because there was a lot of noise behind him. Not sure why he hung up,.. Only wasted about 1 min of his time. This could get fun , got to work on my fake profile:)

  • jctsflynn

    phone scammer called me using this number 5874361661

  • Rob Sowald

    Hey Greg, I just received the same call from them.
    After I pressed 1 I indeed got a real person on the line.
    When I mentioned to him that I am a WS employee and that I knew this was a scam they disconnected the call.
    Works perfectly.

  • Tiffany Taylor

    I just got a ca from +61 3 2618 395
    Saying I won 999.00 west jet for flying before! 1 I never took west jet only air Canada they asked for my credit card I asked for their and told them this call is being traced they hung up lol

  • Carla Rojas

    I just got one of these calls offering $999 off my next purchase… I pressed one to see what it was about and they direrected me to an agent, but when I asked her what the call was about she hung up. The number they called me from is +64 7 686 2397

  • s fr

    I just got the call from 416-619-2890.
    They call my business line.
    They tried to forward me to another number but they don’t even have the service working properly according to the voice message. Scammers suck
    June 18/2014

  • Judy Cochrane-Brodie

    Try telling them they have reached the RCMP and demand to know how they got this number. It works for a while then they start calling again. Reading some of the posts, I think I may have some fun this afternoon.

  • robert x martin

    It seems this has been going on for a while and will not stop. I just got a call from 778 578 1329 and they asked if I was over thirty and had a credit card. I was then placed on hold and then line went dead after a couple of attempts to transfer me.

    It would seem that no one is very serious about stopping these people or it would have been done.