Today’s guest post (and photos) come from Nick Pateras.
Heading into the Easter long weekend, my plans were simply to take it easy and relax: read, see a few mates and get some exercise outdoors. On Friday evening I got together with a friend for dinner and in catching up the conversation turned to our craving for an adventure – something wild, unrehearsed and spontaneous.

Next thing I knew we had cancelled the dessert we ordered, hurriedly paid for the bill and were racing to Pearson, passports in hand, to see what flights were still due to leave that night. As it was nearing 10.00pm we had no idea whether we’d be out of luck or if any of the potential flights would even have room.

Where would we go? Where could we go?

I knew it was likely that we could jump on a short-haul domestic flight to Montreal or Winnipeg but blood’s rush to my head had me wanting for something farther, something international. We swung the car into a parking spot and sprinted to the check-out counters, manically explaining our crazy idea to the laughing airline representatives and assessing which options were most feasible given many of the day’s final flights were already boarding.

As we ran from airline desk to airline desk to ask which flights had room and at what cost, simultaneously calculating how many hours we would have to explore given we had to be back in time for work on Monday, we considered going as far as Rome or as near as Halifax. Within minutes, following a blink-of-the-eye assessment of our options, we were dashing through security to make the boarding call for the WestJet red eye to Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago.

The next 24 hours were a blur – in all the chaos I had managed to call a friend of mine from T&T to ask where to go and what to see, and he immediately recommended we jump on one of the hourly, 20-minute flights from Port of Spain to the isle of Tobago itself. It worked out perfectly: we found ourselves in Tobago by eight-thirty in the morning.

Once there, we rented a car and spent the day navigating the tiny roads winding in and out of the mountains’ curvatures. We swam in the pools of the famous Argyle waterfalls, got an exclusive tour of the island’s tropical rainforest (with many amazing wildlife sightings), stopped at several gorgeous beaches that looked right out of a tourist brochure and ate exquisite local fish and chicken.
Tobago beach
The trip was capped off when we stumbled upon the opening night of Tobago’s annual jazz festival, with thousands of people dancing to the rhythmic sounds of various artists mixing jazz with the country’s traditional pot pan instruments.

Somehow we managed to pull ourselves away in time to catch our return midnight flight to Trinidad and, after a meal and short nap at the airport, the return five-hour leg to Toronto. Not more than 36 hours had gone by when the urge for an impulsive escapade first struck us and as our plane hit the tarmac, we couldn’t help but look at each other in awe, laughing in disbelief that we had just spent the Saturday of our long weekend exploring the gorgeous Trinidad and Tobago.

The best part of Nick’s story? It was their second date. He’s now looking for ideas for a third one, hoping to top this 2nd date. If you have any suggestions that can top this one (keep ‘em clean, folks!) leave a comment below.

Also, if you have a travel story of your own to share, please submit it to us here.

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  • Annie BoBannie

    For their third date… I think that Westjet should send them to Poland so Maya can introduce this stud to her grandma and family!!

  • Alec Thomas

    This one’s a no brainer! Send these kids to Hawaii so they can get lei’d ;)

  • Sahar

    WestJet, you should send them to Hawaii! #epicthirddate
    .. and share this idea with more guys out there! #newbenchmark

  • Marshal P

    For sure you have to send them to somewhere farther! Hawaii, maybe, but what about Australia? New Zealand even! #epicthirddate

  • Angela

    Wow…this guys is a catch!!! Send them to Vegas….whatever happens there stays there ;)

  • Greg

    Westjet! Send them to Hawaii, that could be quite the date topper :)

  • Matt

    Third date? 3 continents! Send them to South America, Africa, and Australia! #EpicThirdDate

  • Kasey


  • Jenn Xu

    WestJet- send them to Dublin, Ireland. Let Nick showcase his sophisticated side and intellectual curiousity to this girl ;)

  • Jelena Grbic

    Third date… would best be spent in St. Maarten!

  • Cristina Bardorf

    Keep up the tradition! Make it a surprise!

  • EPateras

    WestJet, send them across the world, New Zealand maybe!!

  • hittheroadca

    Not to toot our own horn, but we have some road trip ideas…

  • Spencer William

    Love this story!!! Send the kids to Hawaii!!

  • Kris

    WestJet, you should send them to Paris! #epicthirddate

  • Paul

    I noticed westjet does not fly to Madagascar. If you send him there you also expand your routes. Sounds like a win-win to me.

  • Jaya Rizzi

    @westjet, send them to Hawaii!!! #epicthirddate

  • SarahH

    Third date….send them where they want to go, wherever WestJet flies!! #EpicThirdDate

  • Dylan Haber

    they want an adventure? send em to the Galapagos Islands! they deserve it. #epicthirddate

  • Leslie Chan

    This is amazing! West jet take them to Istanbul!

  • paulette

    The Maldives! Snorkelling and swaying in a hammock…for much more than 24 hours.

  • John M

    WestJet, did you know that the 2nd search item to appear in Google after typing “what happens on” is “what happens on the third date”? Clearly men, including Nick, have been struggling to answer this question. You should make his life easier by making this #EpicThirdDate happen in Hawaii re: Alec’s comment :-).

  • Cameron Walsh


  • Joy_S_Lee

    I loaded Google, and typed in wild, unrehearsed, and spontaneous. I added travel to the search. And the third entry came up with “Abbaba’s Villa,” in Ethiopia. I know, eh?
    If this is more about the people involved and their spontaneity, and less about the actual place, then they should be open to – and continue in – the tradition of following whatever inspires them. It seems that Eyo, over at Abbaba’s Villa in Ethiopia – appears to enjoy his “spontaneous nature,” too.

  • Nicole Allen

    Hawaii would be sweet!! Or Guatemala! #epicthirddate

  • Karis

    This girl though… I second Alec’s point.

  • bk

    .@westjet i’d like to see what misadventure this couple gets up to in las vegas. #EpicThirdDate

  • Zeyad

    The great thing about this date was that it was spontaneous! They weren’t sure where they would end up. So I think the third date should be the same way. Round Trip to a city of their choice. Don’t think you can really top this any other way!
    That’s one for the book Nick!

  • Matt Smith

    Hey WestJet send them on a romantic date to Paris, the city of love!!

  • Siobhan Bee

    Send them to Peru!!!! I also liked the three continents idea!!!

  • Stacey Katz

    WestJet, send these crazy kids to Hawaii!

  • Blake Scott

    Take them to Fiji on their third date!

  • Lynsey

    Love this story! I don’t know how you could top this, but I know Hawaii would definitely be on the top of my list! #Epicthirddate

  • mickle

    Send ‘em to Hawaii!! #epicthirddate

  • Brandon

    Coral Reefs of Australia?

  • Cecilia Scoles

    WestJet you should send them to Greece!

  • Michael Sela

    This was done by my main man Nick Pateras, good on you mate!! also #epicthirddate West Jet please send him to Hawaii. Send me as well yea?

  • Blake

    Legendary. A voyage somewhere cold would really test the connection. I say Yukon

  • evanrens

    Send them to Cape Town!!! A beautiful city with lots of things to do :)

  • Bruce Peters

    Get a list of Westjets most exotic destinations. Then put them on a big wheel at the airport. The couple shows up at the airport, spin the wheel, and that’s where they go.

  • Brennan F.

    This dude is awesome! WestJet should definitely help him out with an #EpicThirdDate!

  • Ziggs

    Awesome story! Send them to Australia next! #EpicThirdDate

  • Eliza

    HAWAII!!!!! These two deserve more adventure! #epicthirddate

  • Ellen

    Westjet, clients for life if you send them packing with blindfolds on and an open ticket

  • Trish

    wow not sure how to top that one! Australia

  • Jess

    I think this article shows that these “kids” have the financial resources to send themselves to Hawaii. West jet should invest their resources in those in need-not those who spend the weekend taking impromptu vacations.

  • Dominique Roberge

    Love the idea of spinning the wheel on Westjet’s exotic places and sending them there!!!

  • Rachel

    As happy as I am for these two and their awesome adventure, I don’t understand why WestJet should be expected to fund their next trip. Everyone knows that last minute flights are ridiculously expensive, and given the ease with which these two doled out the cash, I feel as though there are people out there who cannot afford a plane ticket but deserve to have a getaway. Someone who is ill, someone who is separated from a loved one, or even just someone who would never otherwise have the opportunity to see the world. I’m all for spontaneity and adventure, but why not share that experience with someone who would otherwise never get to have such an amazing adventure?