During today’s #WorkopolisChats Twitter chat, it became evident that many people have questions on how to land a job with WestJet in one of our front line roles. This includes jobs as a flight attendant, customer service agent/guest service ambassador, TAC agent, air supply agent or contact centre agent. Since 140 characters isn’t enough room to fit all these details, we decided to share more info via this blog post.

First, it’s important to understand the hiring process at WestJet.  Here’s a step-by-step list of what will happen any time we post a job:

1)      Job is posted on our Great Jobs site
2)      (Optional) applicant receives email notification if they have signed up for a job alert
3)      Applicant submits application for job posting
4)      WestJet recruiter screens resumes
5)      WestJet recruiter arranges a phone interview
6)      WestJet recruiter arranges an in-person interview and/or group interview
7)      WestJet recruiter checks references
8)      WestJet recruiter offers job to successful candidate
9)      Successful candidate becomes the newest WestJet Owner

Since we do see a lot of interest anytime we post a front line job (sometimes we receive 1000+ resumes for a handful of jobs), we only accept resumes through our Great Jobs site. In order to be considered for any WestJet job, you must submit your resume online, so don’t miss this important step!

Second, once a job is posted, our recruiters will scan through all applications to create a short-list of potential candidates. We look at your cover letter as well as your past job experience and your skills to ensure you meet the minimum requirements of the job. There’s no golden rule about what else to include, so do your best to highlight what you’ve done in the past, as well as what sets you apart from other candidates.

Here are a few tips that could help your application get noticed (or at least not excluded in the first round):

  • When you cut and paste (and/or attach) your resume into the application form, ensure you list all relevant work experience, including dates of employment
  • Please include all current and relevant contact information including phone numbers and email addresses
  • Have a friend proofread your resume and cover letter before you submit to eliminate any spelling and grammatical errors

Here are a couple things that could hinder your ability to get a job:

  • Having spelling or grammatical errors on your application
  • Not including relevant job experience
  • Having a very lengthy resume that goes into too much detail
  • Not listing skills you have that others might not. For example, languages, if you’re able to relocate, etc.

The amount of interest in WestJet jobs means that we cannot always get back to every candidate who applies, nor can our recruiters answer specific questions relating to a job posting before someone applies.  Our Recruiting team will, however, be happy to answer any questions you may have if you do receive a phone or in-person interview.

Once you have entered our Great Jobs site and submitted your application, there is no need to resubmit an application in the future.  Just keep your application up-to-date and apply for other jobs posted on the site.

WestJet is a great place to work, and we thank you for your interest in joining the team. If you have any recruiting questions, please post them in the comment section below, or send them to us via Facebook or Twitter.

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  • Slava Bunescu

    Great job! Step by Step instruction how to contribute in WestJet airline business! For sure I will follow it! See You on the board!

  • Chelsea Bauer

    What kind of skills, training, and previous experience does WestJet look for?

  • Dan Hall

    Chelsea. Best way to answer this is to look at the job postings. Jobs that will have skills relevant to what is posted on the job posting are most beneficial. Each job is different, and so different skills are required. Sales and customer service are key to most roles however.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ WestJet

    There isn’t a set list of experience that we look for when scanning through resumes. If you’re looking to apply for a customer service role, you’ll need to have some customer-facing experience. That could be in retail, restaurant, hotel, tour company, etc., but it could also be something else entirely. As long as you’ve had experience dealing with the public in some kind of service role. This is key for any front-line job where you’ll be interacting with guests, so you’ll want to be sure you have good experience before applying. Skills and training will be indicated on the job posting itself, and will vary from job to job. As Dan Hall indicated, the best place to find requirements is the job posting, which will be quite detailed.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ WestJet

    Thanks Slava!

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    There isn’t a set list of experience that we look for when scanning through resumes. If you’re looking to apply for a customer service role, you’ll need to have some customer-facing experience. That could be in retail, restaurant, hotel, tour company, etc., but it could also be something else entirely. As long as you’ve had experience dealing with the public in some kind of service role. This is key for any front-line job where you’ll be interacting with guests, so you’ll want to be sure you have good experience before applying. Skills and training will be indicated on the job posting itself, and will vary from job to job. As Dan Hall indicated, the best place to find requirements is the job posting, which will be quite detailed.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Thanks Slava!

  • Dash McPilot

    How does WJ go about setting pay rates, benefits, terms of employment etc. as a non-union company in a heavily unionized industry? Also, why are Encore’s pay rates so much less than mainline, AC and Jazz?

  • Dipti kalia

    Thanks Greg. Great blog about the transparent recruiting practice that Westjet follows. I do have a question though around preference for internal candidates and how it works. is it true that to be able to get a position in Admin/HR with Westjet one has to have worked as a frontline staff for a few years?

    Someone who eagerly wants to be part of your team! :)

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Our Compensation team undertakes a regular evaluation of market pay (union and non-union) and sets our pay scales as per the WestJet and Encore compensation philosophies. While our rates of pay may not be industry leading, our total compensation, when we are successful, cannot be beat.

    By “total compensation” we mean base pay, plus profit share, owners performance award and our world-class employee share purchase plan. Specifically, every employee receives profit share up to twice per year and an annual owners performance award. WestJetters can also take part in the employee share purchase program, which allows employees to purchase WestJet shares (up to a certain percentage of their base pay) which WestJet matches dollar-for-dollar. WestJetters collectively own approximately 13% of all WestJet shares.

    Though we are not a unionized airline, WestJet does have an employee organization (called PACT) that works with WestJet’s Compensation team in the market benchmarking and design of all compensation rates and programs.

  • Wondering

    I am wondering about age…I have excellent customer service skills and a top performer with my company but I haven’t had any luck getting an interview. I have everything WJ needs and it took the recruiters 4 months to get back to me after I sent my application in…then the same job was posted again…the day after they declined my application. I must say….it doesn’t look good…I am 50.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Dipti, Sorry for the delayed response to your question. I thought I had replied last week, but apparently it didn’t post properly, so I just saw your question left hanging today! To answer your question, it isn’t necessary to apply as an internal transfer to land an admin/HR job here, though it can help. There are a lot of people (myself included) in our head office who started in a front-line job with WestJet, but there are many more who gained experience elsewhere before joining the team. With almost 10,000 employees from coast-to-coast-to-coast, we do have a lot of qualified people working here. As a result, we often fill head office jobs with internal applicants. However, we have posted many of these jobs externally in the past, and will continue to do so whenever appropriate. At the end of the day, we look for the best candidate, with the appropriate experience and skills, who is also a great WestJet cultural fit. The corporate culture part of our hiring has always been – and will continue to be – important, so don’t underestimate it when highlighting your personality on your application. Hope this helps!

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hello! I just replied to your private Facebook message, and wanted to share some more info here for the benefit of any other readers who may be in the same situation. Age has no bearing on the selection process at WestJet – provided you meet any minimum age requirements that may be part of a job posting. With 50 years of life experience, It’s safe to say you’re good for pretty much any job here!

    As indicated in the original blog post, there is often a lot of competition for a handful of jobs. This is especially true for anyone looking for a flight attendant job. FA postings generally see the highest number of applicants, so it can mean that very qualified people are declined. Also, it isn’t uncommon for us to have an open posting if we know we’ll be actively hiring in the months to come. Since we’re planning on taking delivery of 11 more Q400s by the end of 2014, we’ll be looking to fill flight attendant and first officer positions with WestJet Encore on an ongoing basis.

    Though you were eventually declined in this round, so were many others. Stay positive, put your application in again and keep on trying. It can take a while, but it will be worth it if/when you eventually do get your foot in the door.

  • Amanda Flynn

    Where do you do group interviews at? And where are you likely to train people who get past the group interview? Thanks. I live in Victoria.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Amanda, group interviews will happen in whatever city the job posting is for. We usually only do group interviews when we need to hire more than 2-3 people at once. For an airport of Victoria’s size (where I began my WestJet career, by the way) we usually don’t do group interviews as we’re usually only looking for 1-2 people at a time. Anyone who is fortunate enough to be offered a job will likely come to our head office in Calgary for training. In addition to the base pay while in training, WestJet would pay for flights, meals and accommodation in Calgary.

  • Jaspreet

    Hi Greg – I applied for the the position of flight Attendant with the new Encore WestJet fleet. I applied two days ago but I just recieved an email today saying that I did not make the cut for interviews. Broke my heart, because I was really hoping to get in. The job is still posted though….can I keep re-applying until it comes down? Maybe make changes to my cover letter? :(

    I hope I can make it one day.


  • Jaspreet

    I would like to add that I have several years of customer service experience behind me, along with Tourism Managment certificate….but still no luck. WestJet does not make it easy to join the team it seems. I’ won’t give up though.

  • Daniel T

    Hey Greg,

    I just checked my online application and the status says In Progress the next step your application is in progress.. I am guessing that I am being considered? is that what it usually means?

  • Dustin Avery MacDonald

    I must say, that recent video from West Jet Christmas made me cry! I would love nothing more than for that to be part of my job! In regards to applying for jobs, are you always able to re-apply for future postings if you are not accepted the first time?

    Thank you,


  • Kalsy K.

    Hi Greg, I applied for a position of GSA for the YEG airport in November 2013 but I did not make the cut :(. There is now another posting for the same job. I went to apply for the current posting but it came up that I already applied for the position. Does this mean my resume will be put back into the recruiting pool for the January 2014 posting? If not can you please advise me as to what I need to do. Thanks for your time and have a great day! Cheers.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Kalsy, if you applied in November, you’ll automatically be in the mix for this job posting too.

  • Kalsy K.

    Thanks Greg. Closing date is tomorrow; my fingers and toes are crossed! Have a great day!! Cheers.

  • Guest

    Hi Greg my name is Leslie and I have had long term previous experience in the airline industry and over 15 years of costumer experience with training, but I never make the cut.. do you thing is my resume that I will need to fix.. Any recomendations.

  • Sonya Lee McDonald-Heath

    I’m just wondering if travel agents are solely based from homes in Calgary. I’m located near Hamilton and would love to be a home based agent in Brantford. I am a student of Tourism and Travel from Mohawk and am TICO certified. Is there anything I can do from the Hamilton area?

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Sorry for the slow reply! Yes, if it shows in progress it mean’s you’re still in the mix for the job posting.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    All our contact centre agents are currently located in Calgary. We have many who physically work from our head office here, but we also have a number of people who work from home (we call it HomeRez). For the moment, it is necessary to be located in Calgary though, as we need everyone to be close to their Team Leaders and other support staff, as well as be available for team meetings, etc. I’m not aware of any plans at the moment to have HomeRez agents outside the Calgary area.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    It’s hard to say, but the resume and cover letter are what our recruiters focus on the most, so that is likely what you should focus on.

  • Ann Van Nostrand

    Hi Greg. Your posts gave been very helpful. Thank you. I am a retired nurse and have been accepted into the flight attendant academy in Halifax. Will this improve my chances of becoming a flight attendant with west jet. I am hearing from some people that the airlines would prefer you don’t.??

  • Matthew Joseph Kells

    What happens if you applied and the job position that was applied for still says “in progress” and it’s been 5 months and still counting?

  • Barbara Joan Campbell

    what happens if you delete your profile and start all over again. Is that frowned upon? Is one cover letter sufficient for all jobs?

  • Nicole McBride

    Hello, I have been interested in your flight attendant positions. I have applied and all the status says is that they have received my resume does that mean they are not considering it anymore? Also is there anything Westjet wants their flight attendants to have that are not listed in the job requiments? Any courses or education they desire?


  • Jonathan Stephenson

    Hi Greg, I am interested in applying for an airport job @ YEG. I know that there are several possible positions available. I am wondering if there is someone who I could speak to about the schedules of the jobs and what may be the best fit for me?


  • Gemma C

    Hi Greg,

    To whom and where would I address the cover letter for the WestJet Encore Flight Attendant job posting?

  • Mary

    Hi Greg! I applied a week ago and my status still says application received? Does that mean they looked at it but won’t really do anything about it because they are not interested? Thank you!

  • Amber

    I was just reading about your HomeRez position in the comments and am curious if that is how it would be listed in your job bank. I am definitely interested and am located in Calgary. Thanks

  • Krystal Robichaud

    Hey Greg, I recently applied for a flight attendant position. I am actually taking a CPR course ahead of time for when and if the call. I am trying to figure what corse I need to take? I see on the website the cost is aprox $170, when I called however they advised it is $135. I was told I would need to take Standard Level C? Is this correct?

  • Mary

    What did their email back say if I may ask? Does your status still say application received?

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    You can simply address it to “WestJet Recruiting team”. The actual name of the recruiters involved isn’t necessary.

  • Meda

    Hi Greg
    I would like to know more about West jet “home Rez” program. Can you please explain how I can register?


  • Kristie Andrews

    Hi Ann,
    As a former student of that school, all I can say is DON’T WASTE YOUR MONEY!!!!!!!

  • Ann Van Nostrand

    Thanks Kristie. I am starting to hear this. Did you find a flight attendant job?

  • Shaye Gal

    Hello Greg, I have applied for two separate positions at WestJet but I tailored my resume for the second position that I have applied for and it overwrote my first resume. The first application says in progress but I am worried that the second resume will be the one that is looked at for both. Is this a problem?

  • Deborah Phillips

    Hi Greg, I would love to land a job with the Community Investment side of Westjet. I am connected to Team lead Jenifer Badry through Linkedin, have extensive volunteer and work experience in the non-profit sector. Jobs in this area don’t seem to show up that often, can you advise best way to get my resume into this side of Westjet for future consideration when a job position does open up. Thanks

  • Shauna Hasselman

    How do I reapply for a job with updated information?

  • Nicole McBride

    I have been applying to flight attendant positions with westjet encore. They have been positing ads every couple of weeks this year, but I heard that they are not hiring any new flight attendants until the end of the year. Is this true? Or are the hiring new flight attendants?
    If they are hiring now long does it usually take to review someone resume and start interviewing for the job?

  • Nicole McBride

    I have not received any email back from any of the flight attendant positions I have applied for. But for other positions that I have applied for they have emailed me back with a few days to tell me if they have consider me for a position or not.

  • Jeffry

    Hey Greg. Where can I find posting for Business Development or Regional Sales managers (for either WestJet or WestJet Vacations) positions?

  • Ethos

    Let’s be honest here HR department. It seems like it is connections or referrals with Westjet (as with most jobs) to hopefully get looked at for a job. My advice… try to find as many connections as you can with employees and carry that cliche ‘we care’ attitude with a bright smile pasted on your face. Come on now…. I know many Westjet employees and there is nothing special but a regular person like everyone else. Who are we trying to fool really?

  • Gregory

    Hello Greg: Does WestJet have a minimum height requirement for pilots?

  • Kaitie

    Hey, Greg

    I applied for the position of Flight Attendant with WestJet Encore. I received an email notifying me that I did not make the cute but I have since updated my resume and experience and was wondering since the job is recently posted again, am I able to apply again or is that frowned upon

  • LoveLea

    Hi Greg Hounslow and flight crews! I was wondering if there is a need for a crash pad in Calgary. It would be only 11 mins from the Airport 23 mins by the AIrport bus. 10 mins to downtown (by Bus) The home comes complete with separate suites and entrances for the men and women both equipped with kitchens. Please let me know if this is a need for the West Jet employees and how many would need a bed. Thanks so much! Happy training and flying!

  • challaine

    how do I get on the list for email notifications?

  • Kat

    The status of my application says received, and the next step says thank you for your application. Does that mean I am not considered for an interview or simply that they didn’t have time to answer me yet. Thank you for your time Greg !

  • Ingrid Lass

    Hi Greg – I applied for the position of Guest Service Ambassador at YVR. It requires being fluent in English and French, however I am not fluent in French. I am wondering if this position will continue to have this language requirement as it did not last year when I applied? I have airline experience and would so much love to work for WestJet. I think it is such a wonderful company to work for and everyone I know who works there says how much they love their job.

  • Jenika

    Hi Greg! i am applying for WestJet from last couple of months and years but no answers from them. I applied for customer service position which i think i can get in to easily because of my previous jobs. i know many people in there company who didn’t had any job experience but they still got hired there and working. please i need your help that what i should do better to have my dream come true to work in WestJet. please and thank you.

  • Tyrone

    I want to apply flight attendant job with west Jet but I have heard that it is very hard to get a job with westJet just wanted to know if that’s true

  • Bri

    I will be 18 & in grade 12 in September. Are there jobs available for a grade 12 student?

  • Kotoula

    That’s exactly the attitude that WON’T get you hired lol. You focus on getting the job first, selling yourself as the best solution to their problem, THEN you get to ask about how the schedule is the best fit for you.

  • Kotoula

    First thing, fix your spelling abilities. Your resume is tossed with there’s spelling mistakes….

  • Tomas


    I do not understand how WJ goes from screening resumes to interviews.
    I am an ex-pat, MBA and 20 years overseas in various aviation management positions, inc. starting up a low cost airline and working with many airlines as adviser consultant and executive with 30+ airlines.
    See,s WJ is not interested in people with international aviation experience, after applying for many jobs at WJ, not 1 interview. Yet, internationally I can go to Middle East or Asia and contribute a great deal to their airlines but back home no interest from WJ. Lots of discrimination in Canada when it comes to hiring, many ex-pats have to go back out again, yet we have so much more experience and knowledge to pass on to WJ, sad.

  • Amber

    Hello Greg,
    The only flight attendant positions I have seen require fluency in both English and French. Are there ever openings for English only flight attendants? Thank you for your time.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Amber, there are occasionally postings for English-speaking flight attendants, but they are less common than our bilingual postings. We definitely have a much more constant need for FAs that are able to serve our French-speaking guests.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Tomas,
    Most of our job postings get a lot of applications, and our recruiters tend to shortlist to a handful of the best candidates. For our head office jobs, we look at experience as much as what we call “WestJet fit”. Many candidates possess a great deal of experience, but not all of them will truly fit into our corporate culture, so that is often the reason why someone won’t receive a call for a phone interview or an in-person interview.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Bri, most of our jobs require a bit more flexibility in terms of work hours than you may be able to do while in school. I’d suggest touching base with us once you graduate to see what options are available. Good luck in your final year of high school!

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Tyrone, it is true that it is very challenging to get an interview because of the number of resumes we receive for each job posting. I hope you’re able to get your foot through the door!

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Jenika, I’m sorry for the slow reply. There isn’t much more I can add than what I mentioned in the original blog post. If you’re not getting calls for a phone interview, then I’d suggest having someone take a look at your resume and cover letter(s) to see if they can give you a second opinion on it.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Ingrid, not all of our job postings will have a language requirement, but there will be many that do. We try to have a balance of people who are able to speak with our French guests, so we occasionally do need to hire someone (or a group of people) who are bilingual. Keep your eyes on the postings for another GSA position that doesn’t have the French requirement, as there will almost certainly be more in the future.

  • Amber

    Thank you for the information, Greg. I appreciate your assistance.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Kat, the applications status will say “Received” as soon as your application has been successfully submitted. This doesn’t meant that you are being considered for an interview though. The status will actually say “Received” for all candidates until they’ve either been called by a recruiter or had their application declined as “unsuccessful”. There are a number of different steps that take place on the back end of our recruiting system, but the front end message will still say Received. Once the next step happens (assuming it’s not an unsuccessful application), the online status doesn’t have too much significance, because the rest of the communication will happen with the candidate directly.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    You can sign up for a job alert by creating a job profile on our Great Jobs site. Then enter the keywords for jobs you’re interested in (ie. flight attendant, customer service, guest service, etc.)

  • challaine

    Thank you!

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    I don’t believe we don’t have a height requirement for pilots, but all pilots would need to be able to operate the foot controls.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Meda,
    The Home Rez program is offered to existing contact centre agents who have proved that they are able to work efficiently in the office. In order to get a position working from home, you’d need to apply for a Sales Super Agent role, be successfully hired, then work in our contact centre at head office in Calgary for a period of time before an internal Home Rez posting opens up.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Jeffry, all positions from entry level all the way up to executive will be posted on our Great Jobs site. We don’t often have postings for roles like the ones you’ve indicated, but if you set up a job alert, we’ll email you when one comes up.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Nicole,
    We hire flight attendants (and pilots) on a schedule that matches when we take delivery of new aircraft into our fleet. That’s happening pretty regularly, and in the past 6 months, I’ve seen a number of new WestJet Encore flight attendant classes here at the campus. If you haven’t received a call yet, I’d recommend taking another look at your resume, and continuing to apply. We will likely be taking delivery of 3 more Q400s this year, and around 10 next year, so there will be lots of FA jobs to come.

  • JCR

    Thanks Greg. Already have one set up.

  • Barbara Wilson

    wetsJet is going to be operating at Fredericton New Brunswick, would westjet site place ads for available position? I am from that area and i would like to work for westjet.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Barbara, we will have postings for our Fredericton Airport positions on our Great Jobs site, so please set up a job alert with “Fredericton” in the keywords. We will likely hire our Station Manager first, then move through the other roles in the base. Look for postings to be out around the end of the year or early in 2015 so that we have time to hire, train and get everyone there ready for our first flight on April 15, 2015.

  • Barbara Wilson

    Thank you Mr. Hounslow :)

  • Barbara Wilson

    Mr. Hounslow
    Re creating my profile: Is it important to fill out the add menus for jobs and schools even though I attached my resume and cover letter?

  • Amit Sharma

    Hi greg, I am a college graduate through Robertson College; in which I graduated with a 93% score through the Travel Counsellor program; I have over 12 years of customer service experience; have had an Airport Rescricted Security Pass once in Toronto, and once here in Winnipeg; previous experience of 22 months working for Swissport in Toronto under Westjet contrract and learning the ropes of Westjet. But yet, for the last 6 years, I’ve been trying to apply for Westjet here in Winnipeg, and I will either get a no answer, or they are not hiring. Yet I have seen people get hired internally. Why is that? And what am I supposed to do now? I do not want to give up but it has been 6 years and I have all the credintals.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    It is definitely important as our recruiters will often use these fields to complete an initial screening when we receive a lot of applications.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Amit, when I was initially hired with WestJet (almost 10 years ago), I had my initial training class with an individual who had been applying for 8 years. She wasn’t in the exact same position as you, but very similar.

    Internal applicants will often get a job over an external “new hire” as it can reduce the need/time for training, and we would also be sure if the person is a “WestJet fit” (from a corporate culture perspective).

    The reality is that your situation is not uncommon. Because WestJet is such a desirable place to work, we do get a lot of resumes for our frontline positions, so it can take numerous attempts to get your foot in the door. I know it’s probably not what you’re hoping to hear after having regularly submitted your resume since before Barack Obama was President of the U.S., but it is what you need to do. I’d also suggest having a friend take a 2nd look at your application with you to be sure it’s as good as it can be.

  • Amit Sharma

    Hi Greg. Its me Amit. I will get someone to take a look at my application to see if it is well put out. Also, I heard that getting a referral from a Westjet employee does not help increase the chance of getting hired. Is this true? I also heard that if you are not a female or a hot looking male, you will not get hired. Is this true? I have been noticing this trend. If I am mistaken, please acccept my apology. I just do not want to give up and I do have all the tools to be a great Westjet employee.Finally, what else can I do besides keep on trying? Thank you again, Greg for your reply. I appreciate you making an effort to assist me.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    There is a lot of speculation about what will and will not get you hired. Most of it is completely false (hiring based on looks, for example). We don’t discriminate based on race, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, age, sex, sexual orientation, marital status, family status, disability, etc. Our recruiters look at all applications and take the best available candidate(s) for the role at that time. There aren’t any other tips I can give you other than what’s included in the list in the blog post itself. Unfortunately there’s no golden rule that will help a candidate get a job.

  • Emma Bray Harrison

    Hi Greg, I have just moved here from the UK and have worked for 14 years for a large tour operator from home, and before that an airline. Due to my skills in the travel industry and homeworking would there be a chance to just apply for working from home positions or somewhere I could forward a cv to?

  • Amit Sharma

    hi there greg. thank you again for the reply. i am glad to see that everyone gets an opportunity. so a reason why my application was never looked at was because something didn’t stand out i guess? i will continue to apply and i am hoping when i hit that 8th year mark, i will be with westjet.

  • Nadine

    Hello Greg. I am very interested in Westjet’s Community Investment programs! Do they hire in this area to ensure the programs are run smoothly and future endeavors managed? I have an extensive background in this area, a business program completed, and aviation experience. This is a niche area of large interest to me; is there anyone I can contact?

  • Raj

    Hi Greg,
    I had phone interview with HR and Technical person, and it is almost a month now. My online application status shows “In Progress”. Meanwhile, Westjet has reposted those same jobs for which I had applied. Any idea as to what is going on?

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Nadine, our CI team doesn’t hire very often as it’s a very sought-after role. We do have a number of members on the CI team, and a couple of them are authors on this blog too. I’ve sent a note to Jen Badry, and have asked her to get in touch with you. Keep an eye on your email inbox.

  • http://blog.westjet.com/ Greg Hounslow

    Hi Raj, I don’t have access to any info regarding application progress for individual candidates. Have you tried emailing or calling our recruiter to ask them?

  • Nadine

    Thank you Greg! Have a great day!

  • cate

    Hi Greg,
    Do you know how long a person has to work in the Calgary office before they will be considered for an internal Home Rez position? Thanks for your help.

  • Ally

    Hi Greg- I am interested in applying for a CSA position-any advice for a first time applicant? I have a bit of customer service experience, hopefully that will help! I would love to work at YVR but sometimes I don’t see positions open there.