What a great day for WestJetters and our guests! Today, we announced that we will be acquiring four Boeing 767-300ERW in 2015. To break down the numbers, the 767 is the aircraft type, 300 is the series number – the medium size, if you will, of the 200, 300 and 400 series aircraft. The ER is extended range, meaning it has increased fuel and therefore range capabilities and finally, the W indicates that these aircraft are outfitted with winglets which improve the fuel efficiency of the aircraft.

The 767 was the first twin-engined airliner to receive approval for extended overseas flights and that’s exactly what we plan to do with them once we take delivery in mid-2015. First, we will fly them within North America in order to receive our Extended Twin-Engine Operations (ETOPS) approvals. In late 2015, they will replace the Boeing 757-200 aircraft we have been leasing from Thomas Cook and will fly non-stop from Alberta to Hawaii.

In due course, we will announce where we’ll deploy these aircraft for summer 2016. With a comfortable, wide-body cabin with range approaching 11,000 kilometres we have some great choices to make!

Inside the cabin, we anticipate having 262 seats with a regular cabin and a version of our Plus seating also available. We plan on outfitting our 767 aircraft with our new inflight entertainment system so that our guests will have something to pass the time as they fly through our network.

WestJet Boing 767-300ERW

As for the livery, look for these planes to be painted in the same colour scheme as our current aircraft. We’re a bit fond of the blue and teal and these aircraft will proudly wear these colours for years to come! We look forward to welcoming you onboard.

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  • huning

    Congrats! Fly far (wink wink Asia)!

  • le beau garçon

    umm so can we expect the plus seat product to increase in comfort, in terms of different type of seat used for plus?

  • Christopher Rogers

    Hey WestJet. Thanks for the update. This is something to look forward to. Its nice to see a Canadian company succeed and I wish you all the success in the world in long haul flying!

  • Lindsay Smith

    It is about time

    after flying the thomeas cook antique planes it will be a vast improvement

    hopefully it wont cost us more !

  • Jacob

    1) If Possible Please Add Somewhat of a Business Class
    2) If Possible Add LED Mode Lighting To Reduce Jet Lag
    3) Add (WITH TICKET PURCHASE) In Flight Meals For Long Haul Flights.

  • Christopher Escott

    With this frame being somewhat long in the tooth, why would WJ not look at the 787 since the max is already on order. Perhaps a mix of 737 max and the 87. Still, a big step forward toward true international service. We haven’t had any choice since CP, Wardair and Canadian all vanished leaving us with that other Canadian airline as our only international carrier.

  • Luis gonzalez

    great to hear….. Go WestJet, Go!!!!